No, you can’t say I want to be a rich king. I was reading an article that was talking about the struggle founders of businesses have as it grows. They like the control and power of the early years because they are the king of their little business.

Something happens and maybe someone else comes along to help, like Ray Kroc for the McDonald’s brothers. Then a battle begins. The new person says you can really have an impact. We could have hundreds of stores. But the original owner wants to control. Who will win?

We have the same problem spiritually. Mistakenly thinking we are the masters of our destiny. At some point we find Jesus. I believe every person finds God. That is another subject but that is what I believe. The critical question is “who will be in control?”. That is the central issue of the internship Jesus is teaching. The Pharisees don’t like Jesus because He is challenging them to give control to God. Look at all the excuses we give to not follow God. I have some important stuff to do. I can’t go today….

God wants us to be rich – not what you thinking

The invitation of God is to be rich. He says if you will follow Me, I will take what you have and give you more life. I will give you more life to the point that it will run into eternity. He challenges us to learn to rest here because there is more ahead. Time and again he says, “Follow me.” We keep saying, “But I like being in charge.” Ok, but then  you’re not an intern following God.

Lord, help me to hear your voice. I renounce my right to the throne of my life. I want You to be king. I want to be rich in the kingdom. I want to know love, generosity, and community for all eternity. Help me trust You. Jesus, You are my Lord.  Amen.