This is not just about paying taxes or giving to God. Jesus statement has so much more depth. Much of how we live whether Christian or not flows out of this statement. Our fundamental belief of separation of church and state comes out of this one line. Jordan Peterson of this weeks Cambridge controversy called it a miracle in a Youtube. 

Jesus invitation is to think about the role of relationship in society.

When you and I participate in the church, we are impacting society. Our God world view touches our neighbors and friends. When God influences our lives, it changes our parenting, work ethic, and yes paying our taxes. It is tax season, sorry. Jesus is saying we have a relationship with God and our community.

Jesus further invites us to participate in government.

Ancient Roman coin

Jesus statement does not allow us to avoid voting, paying taxes or being a part of PTA at school. He says there is a duty to pay the temple tax as well as the government taxes, see Matthew 17:24-27 and Mark 12:13-17. Christians participation in government for the past 2000 years has some positive impacts, the end of slavery, women’s movement and more. When we have failed it seems is when we crossed the line to empower the church or empower a government. God has enough power if we will follow Jesus.

We are called to be relevant in every age.

Just thinking today.