Most of us have a favorite way to get to work. I have a fast way and a relaxing route. I know both ways will work but time is the crucial factor. Matthew 1:17 reveals Jesus’ path, “17 Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah.” God’s path to humanity took 42 generations. It is a painful truth of God’s patience and humanity’s propensity to lose heart and focus.

What keeps you on track when you head to work? It takes more than a map. Desire and motivation are much more critical. Once you know the path, distractions are the most dangerous thing we face. We all speak of distracted drivers. Don’t get me started on folks that text and drive. PLEASE DON’T READ THIS AND DRIVE. God stayed on track. What kept Him on the plan to redeem and buy back humanity from their own selfish nature? LOVE.

What is your motivation in wanting to do this adventurous life? Make a list of the benefits of spending the next 45 days praying, reading, and journaling. Is there anyone with whom you feel comfortable sharing your learnings and ideas? Do it.

PRAYER: Jesus, thank You for coming to be Messiah. I need Your leadership. Help me to get up every day and look to You. I need a clear perspective. I need to keep my focus. Help me to recognize pop-up distractions and temptations. Show me the people I can help along “the way.” I want to live the way, the truth, and the life You spoke of so often. I want my life credited to Your account. -Amen