Today as we celebrate labor day and watch the power of storm Dorian we see today is valuable. People’s lives are at risk. How we spend our time today is valuable to us and those around us. We should not take it lightly. Invest time in prayer and God’s word.


Camels carried all their goods like the big rigs of our day.

Jesus said that wealth can keep us from God’s best for our lives. In Matthew 19 he tells of a young man who thinks everything is good in his life. His self evaluation has brought him to the conclustion, “I’m doing ok.” He moves on and away from the question of God. Jesus explains that wealth can insulate us from the real storms of life and evil. Like a camel that must go through the “man door” to enter the city, you and I must unpack our stuff to eneter God’s kingdom. The more stuff we have the more difficult it is to enter. Days like today alow us tor really evalute what is important to us.


Workers in a vineyard came all day long. All got paid the same amount.

The Movie Overcommer

Recently Jennifer and I saw the movie Overcommer, here is the trailer. The coach is asked the question, “Who are you?” It takes him a while to figue out who he really is or wants to be. I recomend you see it while you can in theators. Every day was valuable in this movie.

Today is Valule, Spend Wisely

Psalm 90 invites us to “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Let’s take some time today to evaluate the real value of our lives. What if you were do a spiritual accounting? Who get’s my attention and time? Today is valuable if look at it as more than a day off. Look at it as a gift from God to reconnect the right dots.


A day was valued at one Denarius or a soldier’s wage in the Roman army.

Every day is a gift from God. Jesus said that all who work get paid. The value of the day in Jesus lifetime was a denarius. This was a soldiers wage. We are soldiers. The wage paid for us was grace and Jesus on the cross.