Nothing is wasted in God’s creation. Jesus came to redeem us that nothing would be wasted, lost. Jesus healed the brokenhearted and set the captive free to fulfill Isaiah 61:1-2. (Luke 4:18-19) He came preaching the kingdom, teaching a new way to live and healing so our lives would not be in vain. Nothing, no one is waisted. 

John the Baptist feels his life was a Waste

In Matthew 11, John the Baptist sent some of his disciples to Jesus. Find out what is really going on from Jesus. I want to know we got it right. Jesus begins to extol John’s life and ministry to all the people. He is called the greatest of the prophets by Jesus in verse eleven. He tells us God’s kingdom is advancing against a powerful resistance. That is why we feel like what we have been doing with our lives is not working. When we choose to follow God, the resistance increases. Anxiety and depression are the results of feeling like you are wasting your time, life.

Listen up! You’re not forgotten.

Jesus stepped into our world that we might have a purpose and meaningful lives. Unfortunately, most of us reject Jesus for far too long. We search for meaning in the natural when God is the key to meaning and purpose. Jesus challenged us to listen up. Matthew 11: 15, “Whoever has ears, let them hear.” We all have ears, but we don’t all listen. We are reading God’s word to hear God in his own voice. Here he says that those who lived in Sodom will be better off in the future than those who don’t listen to Jesus warning and look at his ministry.

Listen up

We are known for listening today. What voices, who, are you listing to most?

Jesus came so we would know we are not Forgotten

Jesus birth and life are evidence of God’s love and the importance of our lives. We celebrate Christmas because it reminds us of Jesus and God’s message. He is the ultimate gift. You give gifts to people who matter and are significant. The lie that your life is unimportant or that you are a waist is in opposition to the facts.

You are Valuable 

Jesus states in Matthew 12:11 that if your sheep falls into a pit, you rescue it because it is valuable. In Verse twelve, he says, “How much more valuable is a person than a sheep!” He implies here, this is why I came. Jesus came because your life is essential to God’s plan. 

You are valuable

We rescue sheep. You are more valuable than a sheep. Jesus came for you.

Nothing is Waisted

I love the song from Elevation Worship, Nothing is wasted. It reminds us that when that enemy tries to tell us, like John, you waisted your breath and life. No, what we did was meaningful. Look at what you got right today, not the circumstances your in right now.

Psalm 86 says to ask God for Help

Hear my Prayer

Lord, hear me when I pray. Please don’t let me waste my life. Teach me how to live.

When we ask God for help in our time of anxiety or discouragement, he will help us. Psalm 86: 1 “I am poor and needy.” He goes on to say teach me your way. John asked God, Jesus, help me am I on the right path? Jesus response was, yes, you are on the only path that leads to life. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Keep going today even if you feel down like John. No, nothing has been wasted, God heals, restores, and transforms. Listen to the song. Nothing is wasted.