Momentum is helpful when you make an uphill climb.

Have you ever had a little car or small engine and saw a hill ahead? What do you do? You put your foot on the gas to get a little momentum so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

We have already talked about the principle of being rested, downshifting. Now we are talking about building up speed. What would that look like spiritually? How do you gain spiritual momentum in your life?

When I go for a run, and that is not often, I like to have the right shoes on and music in my ears. When you watch the Rocky movie scene where he runs through town, it builds momentum. Spiritually in my life, I use worship sometimes to give me a lift. Sometimes I listen to familiar encouraging Bible teachers or motivational personalities. I have even been known to fast. I think that is why so many churches encourage believers to fast during the pre-Easter season. It helps our spirit and soul run up this hill.

The Bible says that as Jesus turned the corner to go from Jericho to Jerusalem, a large crowd followed Him. People are beginning to gather around Him. One man cries out for help and mercy. Jesus stops and heals his blindness. I imagine that made the crowds go wild. I hear the whispers, “He really is the Messiah.” The word went running up the hill to Jerusalem ahead of Him.

What is the word you and I will spread about Jesus this week? What has He done for us? If He has enabled you to see life more clearly, tell someone. If you can see your past from a clear perspective, tell someone. Get some momentum in your spiritual life by praising God for the victories won in your life.