The job hunt for a better life

Have you ever looked for a job? Yes, of course, you have. You begin by searching and you look for keywords of things you feel comfortable with doing. The clues you’re looking for in the advertisement are the job description and qualifications.

In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus begins His first big training seminar for new interns. They are all excited about this adventure and the power they could get to know. Disciples are there to learn and see up close.

The Interns

I watched a movie about interns at Google headquarters a while back. There was energy in the room. Jesus’ way is an outdoor adventure and the training is on a hillside next to the waters of the Galilee. It is starting to sound really good. I can almost smell the campfire and the sweetness of marshmallows toasting when He starts His first training session:

How can sorrow be good?

If you are going to be one of My followers remember this: “It is a real blessing to have a broken heart because you can see the Kingdom of heaven through that window. And if you know the pain and sorrow of losing someone you love, God has a special love for you.” 

Wait a minute! I thought I was going to be an intern with Jesus, the Messiah, the long-awaited-for King, and Deliverer. This doesn’t sound like the program I read about in the brochure. I was thinking about sailing and picnic lunches.

When you read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as a disciple, a follower, it sounds closer to a job description. The truth is it is a job description – an outline of the way we live if Jesus is on the throne of our heart and directing us. Much like no one would sign up for parenting if you wrote the job description in detail: Must clean up disgusting bodily… You lost me at disgusting. Why do you say yes? There is no greater love than for one to lay down their life for another. Today, read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew Chapter 5) from the perspective that Jesus is saying “Take my hand. We can do this. This is a team effort. Got any friends who want to join us?”

PRAYER: Thank you, Jesus, for doing this with me. Let’s go! This is going to be good. Love You! Amen.