Have you ever felt like you lived in the wrong place at the wrong time? You looked out the window and thought this just can’t be my life. That’s what Jeremiah felt. Don’t give up.

Jeremiah would have been perfect for life today. He shared his personal struggles like no other prophet of the Bible. God told him to remain single and he complied (see Jer. 16:1-4). He only had a few friends because he shared God’s view of how to live. He had to deal with rejection, loneliness and feeling invisible. Jeremiah believed it was best to be content and avoid ambition (ch.45). He probably would have lived in a tiny house today. He had one close relationship and it was Baruch who wrote down his words.

So if you are lonely. Living your life for God and not selfish gain. You have chosen to say no to the flow of materialism and sexual impulses, you might find a friend in Jeremiah. That doesn’t mean his message is a comfort. It might mean you know his emotional state. Don’t stop now.

Put yourself in his shoes!

As we start to read Jeremiah try to put yourself in His shoes. How do you warn people of danger when they feel like everything is just fine? What do you say to convince them? How do you tell someone you love them and want to protect them but they don’t see the need? If you love people you warn them.

If you want a nice overview of Jeremiah watch this 7min. video by the Bible Project.

Bible Project Jeremiah

Slow down, you are headed to the edge of a cliff.

There is another option. Sometimes when I read Jeremiah I feel conviction. Oh no Lord, I’m like them. God, I’m behaving just like the world, Israel and Judah. Help me lord before it is too late.

Join me in this prayer. Lord, help me to see your heart for my generation and world. Lord, I want to be a part of your justice and grace. Help me to change. I want my family, city, and nation to turn to Your mercy. -Amen.