When was the last time you played Hide and Seek?

As a kid, I loved playing, hide, and seek. Our version of hiding and seeking used all 26 acres of the family farm. We would hide in the fields, barns, trees, and down by the stream. This helps me imagine a heavenly father farmer who scatters his word of hope all over just trying the get the attention of those of us playing games of hide and seek.

Falling on good soil

God came scattering seed so he could find us. Our listening and hearing is essential to being found.

Jesus stepped out of heaven to seek and save the lost. His journey took him to the lake and fields of Galilee but ultimately the cross of calvary in Jerusalem. When we played our games of hide and seek, we could let our team out freeing them from the base. Jesus went into the cross and tomb to set us free.

Freedom to Walk on Water

Jesus midnight walk on the water was to deliver us hope. Jesus wanted to wake us up to the power of God. Jesus invites Peter and us to “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” As I was reading this today, I realized I have spent too much of my life hiding from God. Peter stepped out of the boat to seek a new way of life. He welcomed Jesus powerful touch on his life.

Walk on Water

It must have taken such courage to step out of that boat. Amazing to take Jesus hand.

Can you hear me now?

As you read Matthew’s account of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Hear God’s voice calling to you. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. I choose to be good soil. I want to be found. Here I am Jesus find me.

Jaffa Gate

Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

Jennifer and I lived inside the old city and just outside in both cases not far from Jaffa Gate.

Jaffa Gate is one of the most beloved gates of Jerusalem. Jennifer and I lived not far from here. Psalm 87:2 says, “The Lord loves the gates of Zion…” They remind me of my time in Jerusalem. They also tell me of where God set us free from the pain of hide and seek. Don’t hide anymore. Speak out. Step out of the dark onto the water and say, “here I am. Take my hand too.” No more hide and seek.