I was watching this show on the History Channel the other day, American Pickers with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. They travel the country looking through people’s treasured “junk”. They are sometimes broken or discarded items that we no longer use. They listen to these folks’ stories and how they came to such a collection, and they see if they will part with a few items. These guys pick through and examine ways to reuse or bring new life to things long ago set aside but not ready in our hearts for the trash heap.

We watch this show, or the similar “Antique Roadshow” on PBS, secretly hoping we might recognize something we have tucked away in a corner or in the basement or in a box in the attic. The secret dream is that we have some hidden treasure worth some unbelievable amount of money that will change our lives. We are hoping to find hidden treasure.

Jesus tells the story of an ancient Judean picker of sorts. He was traveling and one day he cuts through someone’s field to shorten his journey. With his trusty walking stick in hand, he blazes a new trail. En route, he hears the rod hit a thud in the ground and stops. Getting down on his knees, he starts to dig when he discovers a hidden treasure. He goes home, sells everything he has, and buys that farm so he can have the cache of wealth. Matthew 13 says this is why Jesus came.

Like a modern or ancient picker, God saw something of value in you and I. When He looks at us, He sees the redeemed worth of our potential in Jesus. He can gaze beyond our dust, dings, and past demons to a happier life. He considers the real you invaluable. “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (I Timothy 1:15). How has He rescued you? Who do you know who needs to hear of the second-chance picking God? Let them know your story or this story. Who knows, this might be the right time for a fresh start with Jesus for them or for you.

Here is a prayer to try:
Lord, I’m a mess. I could make a list but I figure You see it more clearly than I do. Would You take me, redeem my life, and make me new. I’m ready for Your “re-purpose” of my life as a disciple.