I have a friend who calls me “Preach.” There was a football player, a huge lineman I believe, at the University of Tennessee. We ate dinner together one night in the cafeteria. During that dinner, he asked me what I was studying and planning for after college. It was early in my willingness to say yes to God and head into ministry. When he realized I was a Religious Studies major and going to be a pastor one day, he was delighted. From that day he started calling me “Preach.” I’ll never forget the day when he called me out across a crowd on campus “Hey, Preacher.” It is not something I wanted to be called. I was shy, believe it or not. I wanted to be an undercover covert Christian.

I believe preaching is something that has to be done. Preaching is something that needs to be done. The origins of the word or title “preacher” are about being a “herald” or a “messenger.” In the Hebrew, it is an honor to be a messenger for God. That is where we get the word “Angel”. I haven’t heard anyone calling me that. My wife on occasion, never my children.

Jesus’ ministry begins in Luke 4 just after His fasting and temptation. Jesus rockets onto the scene of popularity through some supernatural healing and quietly casting out a demon. He tries to find time alone, but the people follow Him. When they try to get Him to do more miracles, He said to them, “I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, for I was sent for this purpose” (Luke 4:43).

Jesus didn’t want to get stuck in a healing ministry or deliverance ministry that did not include preaching the Good News. He had the understanding He was called to make disciples. Jesus sent them out to do the healing and delivering. Jesus came to make you and I disciples. He came to give us the message “Go make disciples.” The message of Jesus is “I came to save.” Now pass it on. Will you share the News? Are you willing to be an angel or a preacher of Jesus? I know it is very uncomfortable at first but Jesus wants us to be like Him. The message of change is possible and should be accompanied with love and good deeds (see James) like healing and deliverance.

Try this prayer:
God, I get it now. I’m suppose to spread the “Good News of Jesus”. Help me to be like the angels and preach the salvation of Jesus. Also give me the courage to couple that with healing and deliverance that only You can bring. I will speak up today. – In Jesus’ name, Amen.