Why Egypt?

Why would God send His son to Egypt? Matthew 2 says they had to go to escape Herod’s evil attempt to kill the Messiah. It also mentions that an Angel gave the warning. It all was a fulfillment of ancient prophetic insights.  I believe it is all to show God is faithful and trustworthy. We don’t have to be afraid when God leads. The only thing we have to fear is the impact of our not listening.

I have gone across the desert from Israel to Egypt a couple of times. In my experience, it was in a lovely air-conditioned tour-style bus. If you make that trip today, they have movies and soft drinks onboard. It was still a very long, uncomfortable trip through the desert. I can’t imagine that was easy on a donkey or camel with a little child.

Jennifer and I visited the Pyramids when we were traveling in Egypt in 1992.

Unforgettable Trip

My experience with dirt, dust, and sand, combined with the hot sun, has not gone well with children in diapers. I don’t care if He is the “Christ child”. It is not an easy trip. I know without a doubt Jesus was told again and again about this trip. Mary and Joseph couldn’t have forgotten it. He faced massive resistance to His fulfilling His God purpose in His life. God came through, and so did Joseph and Mary. They showed a resolve that listens to God’s voice even when it is not easy. That challenges me to this day.

Sometimes the road less traveled has a blessing others don’t see.

I believe with all my heart that God blesses those who choose to follow His ways even when it is difficult. That is part of the transplanting experience. If it is not easy for you to do this Jesus adventure – going to church, learning to pray, finding a Small Group, learning to give money to God – take them one at a time. All of these are some of the things that overwhelm us when listening to God’s wilderness roads. Joseph and Mary just had one lesson at a time. Most likely, that’s what we will face ourselves.

Doyle at the Temple of Luxor, southern Egypt, in 1987. First trip to Egypt.

The Desert Experience

Let’s imagine ourselves in those Desert Experiences. This experience as a child built into Jesus’ life the strength He needed for the dry hot days ahead. If you feel dry, press on with your head up high. God has not left you alone. He is refining your soul and protecting you from evil and harm. God may be preparing you for grander expeditions in the future. 

PRAYER: Lord, help me to make it through the dry days. Today, I want to thank You for ___________ (you fill in the blank). That is what reminds me that You are with me. I trust You for today. I will follow today, tomorrow, and forever. You love me, and I know it. I want to be like Jesus. – Amen