Remember finding someone you fit with when school started. I think that is why Jesus is so important. Today’s reading is Matthew 1-2 and Psalm 81. Today let’s celebrate God’s presence in our lives.
Look through the Jesus family tree. It has as many knotholes and squirrels as mine and your’s — possibly more than you. Reading this, I see that God was willing to be fully human.
Can you imagine Jesus asking his mother, Mary? “Momma, is it true that I have a great grandmother named Rahab? Wasn’t she a harlot in Jericho before the walls fell?” Yes, Jesus, but she wanted to come under God’s grace and salvation. She left that life behind to follow God.
Following Jesus life helps us leave behind our past. Jesus stepped into our world so we could know God personally. We follow Him to see the value of less sin and the power of God’s love and grace.

Magi come to worship Jesus

We all have to face those who will oppose our worship of Jesus.

The Magi of Chapter two leads us into the heart of worship. They reveal the mysteries of God are hidden in our stars and universe for all to see. Their wisdom recognized the spirit of evil in Herod the Great. However, he did not prevent them from worshipping God, but they moved cautiously. Determine in your heart today to watch for God at every move and celebrate His presence, Immanuel.

Sing for Joy

Your mouth is what opens the way for God’s blessing.