Time with friends – 

When you are going through good times and bad, it is important with whom you surround yourself. When we had a crisis years ago, we looked at several mature Christians to help us. When we celebrated my mom and dad’s 60th anniversary, we had a special dinner with their oldest and closest friends. The next day, we welcomed all the community. The family friends were so kind and encouraging but they also joked with them, “We knew you 60 years ago and we can testify this was God, not yourselves, that brought you here.” Your classiest friends can be fans and honest at the same time.

Sometimes we need to stop by a friends house

When Jesus comes to the top of this hill, he goes to Lazarus, Mary, and Martha’s house. John Chapter 12 tells us that and Matthew 21:17 confirms it was Bethany. I wonder if He got alone with Lazarus – You know I’m going into the grave. Any advice? You know sitting with a man who recently returned from the dead gives you a little hope when headed to the cross.

True leadership is when we have been through a spot and are willing to help another through that valley. In this case, it is the valley of the shadow of death. Lazarus must have said, “You know the Father better than I. He’s got this.”

Medieval fresco of the Last Supper. This meal at Lazuras house must have been a big celebration too.

This is why knowing what God has done for you and I is key. We need to review it often. We need to believe that it is important and significant. Our past and God’s victory for us is the hope for our neighbors, children, and friends. Who do you know that needs a good bit of encouragement? After Easter, we are going to do a series called Finding Home. Four people for our church are going to share their story to encourage you and others.

It is ok to pick your friends.

Who can you encourage this week? Invite them on the adventure. We said we are guides in training. You know Lazarus was a rock star in Jerusalem. Jesus stayed at his house before He headed to the cross. I bet when they met again after the Resurrection there were first-century equivalents of the high five.