We are taking some time to follow Jesus. Let’s try to imagine what it would be like to follow Jesus. How would it change our lives to apply that thinking to our lives?

Have you ever had someone ask you to be at their wedding? It means so much more when the person throwing the party asks us to the party or be a part of the party. That seems to be Jesus invitation to disciples. A personal invite to an internship under the leadership of the lord of creation, Jesus.

Would you rather have new or used?

Jennifer and I were going through a store with antiques and repurposed stuff. I remember my mom talking about going to the secondhand store. It took me a while to realize that firsthand meant you aren’t recycling. You’re the original owner. I have nothing against recycling but when it comes to personal experience, firsthand is better. Paul told me that Mindy knows someone who heard from someone that they got their phone for just $10. That is secondhand info which is not very reliable.

The Gospel of Matthew is a guide to discipleship

Matthew’s guide to following Jesus is a firsthand account. We are not getting old news that is recycled. What we get is a personal experience. Jesus invited Matthew to “come follow me”. What is really interesting is his first response was to invite Jesus into his circle. 

Matthew 9:10-11 

“10 While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples. 11 When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” ”

Matthew chose to bring Jesus home. Matthew chose to invite his tax collector and sinner friends to dinner. He was not worried about them offending Jesus or Jesus offending them. Who have I failed to share Jesus with because I had the wrong reasoning? When I was a teen, instead of choosing a friend because he was cool, I wanted to choose a friend because he needed to see Jesus in me.

Never stop giving others invitations to follow Jesus

We use these kinds of thing to invite people to follow Jesus?

It is also interesting that Jesus didn’t stop reaching out to lost people just because the religious leaders in power objected. Don’t give up on loving lost people just because Christians don’t understand. Enjoy the excitement. That was Matthew‘s firsthand experience. Jesus loves lost people. His interns should, too.

Lord, help me to see the folks who need to follow You and help me to welcome them. Help me to look at my friends and family as great folks to invite to the “party”, to follow. Amen.