Facing the Conflict

We all have to face conflict because it can’t be avoided forever. There are days when we have to step up and face our conflict. It’s time to speak up. In Matthew 21, Jesus has to do just that. He has to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey to fulfill scripture. Jesus stops avoiding the conflict and brings it out in the open. It is like God saying, “do you have a problem with me?”

Palm Sunday Entrance

It is hard to sneak into town when riding on a donkey and a crowd cheering.

People ask Questions

People begin to ask questions. Who is this guy? By what authority is he doing this? He is a prophet from Nazareth. When we obey God, we will more than likely be noticed. Loving God and our neighbors draw attention and conflict. The conflict in our hearts about will I obey God and the fear that others won’t like our actions.

Prayer is a battle

Sometimes it is hard to avoid the spiritual battles we face. Pray!

Every time we read our Bible and pray, we enter the cosmic conflict of good versus evil. The word of God exposes the gravitational pull of this world and self-love. God’s challenges us to resist the devil (James 4:7). It is easier to fight when you know you can’t hide.

Engedi the stronghold of David

Sometimes we want to avoid conflict and go to a hiding place but can’t.

David, the mighty warrior, tried to hide for as long as he could. He was known for his hiding places. Engedi and its water in the Judean desert was a favorite. I don’t know what your favorite is. David learned to make the Lord his Hiding place and then go into the fight when it couldn’t be avoided any longer.