Cleaning Up

I have been thinking about cleaning up. I was thinking about the clean up after the Hurricane storm Dorian passes through. We will clean up the mess we see, but I worry about the messes we can’t see. The heartbreak, the broken dreams, the grief and emotional losses that are all left behind. This was Jesus concern in Matthew 23.

Washing Dishes

Cleaning Up

Jesus used washing dishes as a metaphor for our spiritual needs on the inside.

Jesus criticized the people that focused on getting things right on the outside. He used the dishwashing analogy. Washing the outside of glass does not make it worthy of your drinking. We are too worried about what we see. Guess this is why glass was a superior drinking vessel. Clean hearts make us better vessels for God’s love and life.

The Temple of Herod Decorated

Second Temple Jerusalem

This is what the second temple most likely looked like after Herod the Great’s remodel and improvements.

Jesus goes so far as to warn them of the destruction of the temple. The people of Jerusalem had been through this before. The sickness of selfishness and false idols had been the downfall of God’s people back. Jesus warned that God was going to remove the temple so they could refocus. Take a look at how God wants to pour into you.

Room for God to Pour into You

Clean water

Ancient water pitcher pouring clean water. The way God wants to pour into our lives and refresh us.

I have had to say that works for me. I know it is painful, but getting rid of the clutter helps me clean. I like moving the chairs around. What if you and I gave God permission to move or remove anything hindering our spiritual maturity? God makes room for you to receive more of His love, Holy Spirit and power (See Romans 5:1-5).

Take a look at Psalm 92

Date Palm Trees

These are some of the best dates in the world to eat and for you.

Psalm 92 promises that if we allow God to make us right, “righteous” and clean, we will produce fruit. One of my favorite treats from Israel comes from the area near Engedi and the Dead sea. They grow the best Medjool dates, and they are incredibly healthy for you. When God gives you life, it is so you can flourish, bear fruit, and bless others with your strength. “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree” (See vs. 12). “They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green (see vs. 14).

Meditate on God’s power to make you clean. We have a new life in Jesus. He made us clean on the inside.