Introduction to the Internship

Years ago, I was taught, when building a team, you need three factors: character, chemistry, and competency. They said these are essential and don’t give someone a pass because they are a friend or a family member. You have to trust the people on your team, like being with them, and they have to know how and what they are doing. This is Jesus’ emphasis in this last section of the Sermon on the Mount – what I am calling it an internship introduction. Read Matthew Chapter 7.

Jesus’ Way – Trust

If you want to follow Jesus’ way, you have to be fair and honest with yourself and others (don’t judge). God has excelent character. If you ask Him for bread, He will never give you a stone. Speak up if you need something. We don’t have time for games in this program. We are going to be on the trail moving at all times. Let your voice be heard. We don’t play games. This is serious. If something looks too easy, it probably is not a shortcut. I don’t care if everyone else is headed that way. My team will take the hard route that leads to victory.

Whatever you do, don’t fall for posers or wanna-be team members that don’t follow the rules. If there is no character in them, they have no chemistry with us. Look to see that they are committed to the team and not just fans. Do they have skin in the game? Are they really one of us? On this journey we are going on, I’m not always going to be close by. The crowds will be large. You have to distinguish this yourself. Keep your eyes open. You avoid these guys but be sure of one thing – I will be the judge of all true players. Some folks are going to claim they made it on my team. I will throw every rotten apple and a phony liar to the side of the way. Just because they bought a jersey doesn’t mean they are on the team.

Jesus invites us to “build a solid foundation”

Final instructions on your internship and your future interns. Build a solid foundation. Everyone on my team must have some core competencies. Your most important skill is to build on what I teach you. Trust me. My word is golden. If you try to figure this program out on your own or start listening to others or the crowd, you will find yourself unable to handle the pressures and challenges of day-to-day life. Some days will be harsh because of our environment. Trust me, I am the way.

PRAYER: Lord, I never saw it this way before. Thank You for inviting me to follow You. I can see how important it is for me to bond with my team and You. Help me as I learn and grow. I want to serve You. Jesus, I’m all in. Amen.